Wrinkle Jailed For Electricity Theft

Wednesday 13th, February 2013 / 22:26 Published by

Stephen Wrinkle, 61, previous head of the Bahamian Contractors Association, was sentenced to one year in prison for siphoning electricity.

Apparently, Wrinkle directed an electrician to restore power to the Bayparl building, which he managed, after BEC disconnected the supply.

The electricity was siphoned off in February and March of 2011 at a cost of about $15,000 to the Bahamas Electricity Corporation (BEC), the court heard.

Magistrate Derence Rolle-Davis did not order Wrinkle to reimburse the cash-strapped utilities company, instead sentencing him to a year in prison and fining him $1,000.

Wrinkle’s lawyer, Jomo Campbell, filed an appeal against the conviction and sentence a few hours later. Outside court, Campbell said he would seek bail pending appeal as soon as the court’s calendar allowed. Campbell said he thought the sentence was excessive as it was Wrinkle’s first offense. During his mitigation plea, Campbell asked the court to order Wrinkle to make a donation to charity.

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5 Comments on “Wrinkle Jailed For Electricity Theft

  • They had better reverse this ruling. I knew our system was biased and corrupt but now I’m outraged at the obvious double standard seen in this case. There have been many white collar crimes committed here that were far worse. BEC had hundreds of thoudands of dollars go missing several years ago and nobody was held accountable! (I may go to the courts sometime and ask for transcripts of some of those cases if this poor man is kept in Fox Hell.)

    It must be time to get organizations like Amnesty International involved, if this judge is truly practicing racism against white minorities here. The world needs to be aware of what may happen to them too should they commit an offense while visiting this county. British citizens will be particularly vulnerable unless they can afford a decent lawyer as they have no BHC looking out for them. I’m not condoning what Mr. Wrinkle did but the punishment doesn’t fit the crime. Other rulings by this disgraceful judge need to be looked into now. He is risking his career and is putting our tourism industry in jeopardy. I WILL be watching how this turns out.

    • Mr Wrinkle has been granted bail by the Appeal Court and there is apparently a petition being lodged to remove the judge from the bench.

  • The judge is an incompetent racist. He is also allegedly corrupt, like so many other magistrates and justices in the Bahamas. Many of his judgements have been reversed on Appeal, as I am sure Wrinkle’s will be too. Unfortunately, Mr Wrinkle will have to stay in jail until his appeal and the corrupt justice system will make that take as long as possible.

    Instead of saving taxpayers money by making Wrinkle pay for the electricty he used, and fining him, this incompetent “moron” judge makes us PAY money by keeping Mr Wrinkle in jail. That is an outrageous abuse of power and taxpayer money.

  • I completely agree with Theres, this man has been railroaded into jail by a judge that either is a complete rasist, had it out for Mr. Wrinkle, or has no idea about the society we live in in the Bahamas today. If Mr. Wrinkle can get this kind of sentence for a civil wrong, something that he in fact did not benifit financialy from personally, then watch out Bahamians if you have to go before this judge for your next civil infraction. Imagine if you get caught drunk driving, littering, jay walking, running a red light or fixing your invoice after a shopping weekend in Miami. Imagine, jail time and perhaps worse, your reputation destroyed. The Judge is a moron! And we should all be very worried because we are all guilty of some civil wrongs. Something needs to be done for this man, he needs to get out today!

  • I think the sentence handed to Mr. Wrinkle is disgraceful. Jail sentences are for hard criminals, not for civil offenses. A more approriate sentence would have been the reimbursment of the funds “stolen” plus a fine, but not a jail sentence. We have hard criminals, like rapists and murderers that are out on bail! How come these criminals, that are a threat to every person on this island, are out on bail, and Mr. Wrinkle, who is a harmless and hard working citizen, is in jail?? Something is dead wrong with this picture.


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