GB Utility Company Celebrates World Water Day

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The Grand Bahama Utility Company (GBUC) joined with organizations worldwide in celebration of World Water Day under the theme, ‘International Year of Water Cooperation’.

This year’s event was marked by an educational exhibit in the foyer of the Freeport Post Office where members of the public received water-related ‘Did You Know’ facts, along with helpful water saving tips. “We look to our partners here in Grand Bahama and the community at large to assist us in conserving and protecting our groundwater because our water resources are vital to the growth of our community,” stated GBUC General Manager, Geron Turnquest.

The utility company seeks to meet current and future water demand by providing safe, reliable and high quality potable water to all of its customers, with adequate and uninterrupted supply at the least possible expense.  A major challenge faced at present is indiscriminate dumping of refuse and appliances which are all potential contaminants to the island’s groundwater resources.

Reiterating a few of the ‘Did You Know’ facts, Turnquest cautioned that 95% of the water table in The Bahamas is within 5 feet of the surface.  Therefore, things like improperly discarded used oil can reach the water table.  Additionally, 1 gallon of oil can contaminate approximately 8 acres, or 12 football fields.

In an effort to bring about greater community awareness, the utility provider conducts school presentations in addition to the exhibition, thereby providing students with a pictorial overview of the water company and our water resources.

“There are simple ways to reduce water consumption and our efforts are intended to sensitize folks regarding conservation and protection.  We are always monitoring and testing to ensure that our water supply is safe.  We call on everyone in a spirit of cooperation to partner with us to conserve and protect this most precious natural resource,” Turnquest added.

Source: The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited

WORLD WATER DAY: General Manager of The Grand Bahama Utility Company, Geron Turnquest, prepares for a one-day exhibition in the foyer of the Freeport Post Office.  In an effort to sensitize the public to the importance of water conservation and protection, World Water Day is officially recognized by The United Nations General Assembly.

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