Police Chief Finally Breaks His Silence

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One month after two people died in police custody, Commissioner Ellison Greenslade finally speaks out against public scrutiny of the police.

Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade claims to be “very, very disappointed” with comments made regarding the deaths of two men while in police custody.

Greenslade said he had refrained from commenting on the matters to avoid prejudicing the public’s perception of the police or the deaths.

Amid public outcry over the incident, Mr Greenslade stressed the deaths are under the investigation of Her Majesty’s Coroner, although she will be assisted by police in her probe into the matters.

“This commissioner,” he said, strangely referring to himself in third person, “came to office with clean hands. I am going to leave with clean hands.”

Greenslade stated that nothing has been “fixed” or “interfered with”.   He failed to say that nothing has been resolved either.

Referring to the families of the men who died, he said, “I gave them assurance as commissioner that nothing would be hidden from public scrutiny not Her Majesty’s coroner.”

Greenslade also admitted that “a number of officers” have breached the law before, claiming that those officers who “run afoul of the law” are punished accordingly.

In this case, six officers have been place on paid leave pending the outcome of the investigation.  Basically, the officers receive a paid vacation while they are being investigated for murder.  Typically, in The Bahamas, murderers just get released on bail, they don’t get paid too.

Greenslade acknowledged his “confidence in the system” and claimed that he will allow the courts to work and at the end of the day – everyone “should be pleased”.

Everyone except the families of the men killed at the hands of police.

Aaron Rolle, 20, died at Quakoo Street Police Station on February 9. According to his death certificate, he died as a result of blunt force trauma to the torso. Sources claim that he was beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Jamie Smith, 35, died at the Central Detective Unit on February 8. According to his death certificate, he died of asphyxia.

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