BEC Promises Bill Reductions By July

Friday 26th, April 2013 / 09:25 Published by

BEC Executive Chairman Leslie Miller said consumers should see a reduction in their electricity bills by as much as 10 percent by July

Miller added that if the corporation is able to purchase cheaper fuel between now and December, an additional 10 to 15 percent reduction in electricity bills could be realized.

“We are hoping that before the summer really gets hot in July, that we would decrease the cost of electricity by no less than seven to 10 percent to the final consumer, and I believe we are on track to have that done,” said Miller at a luncheon hosted by the Bahamas Society of Engineers.

“The greatest impediment we have at BEC right now with reducing the cost is the old engines at Clifton and the amount of money the gas turbines burn at Blue Hills.

“Therefore, the board is now in serious discussions with an international conglomerate to put in place three 42-megawatt slow speed diesel engines at Clifton to offset that.”


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