BEC Protestors Disrupt Customer Service

Friday 05th, April 2013 / 09:49 Published by

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Police were called to the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s headquarters Wednesday morning after protesting union members barricaded themselves inside the Baillou Hill Road compound, blocking customers from entering.

More than 100 BEC workers staged a second day of protests refusing to return to their jobs until a terminated worker was reinstated.

Despite assurances from the police that the public would still be able to get into the compound, customers were turned away and told to pay their bills at Marathon Mall and the Post Office.

President of the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union, Stephano Greene, told The Tribune that the union will continue to protest until the government intervenes and “puts a leash” on BEC chairman Leslie Miller.

Mr Greene said the union has no intention of cutting the electricity supply to Bahamians, but if the power does go out, they will not be turning it back on.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Leon Bethel said police were called to BEC’s headquarters after reports of a disturbance but he said it was a peaceful demonstration.

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