BEC Union Cries ‘Victimisation’

Wednesday 03rd, April 2013 / 21:02 Published by

More than 100 BEC workers walked off the job yesterday after a union executive was suspended and another employee was terminated “without cause”.

The workers gathered at the Bahamas Electricity Corporation’s headquarters on Baillou Hill Road demanding the Prime Minister fire BEC Chairman Leslie Miller and immediately reinstate the fired employee.

Urban Smith, Vice President of the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union, said the corporation fired the woman, an employee for 17 years, without a valid reason.

He also claims the suspended employee, who is also an executive in the union, was being victimised for exercising his freedom of speech.

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1 Comments on “BEC Union Cries ‘Victimisation’

  • Mr Miller may be taking a bit of a draconian approach, however its about time some government official used the unions own strong arm tactics on them. When you think about it, who’s victimizing who? What right does the BEC union have to disrupt the paying public’s power supply, as they have been doing for years, because they have a grievance with their employer or the government? Perhaps Super Value shouldn’t sell groceries to BEC employees because they’re tired of the power cuts. The unions have to understand that an employer can dismiss any employee at any time without giving any reasons provided that the dismissed employee is compensated under the law and that doesn’t give them the right to hold the community to ransom with some of them breaking the law themselves in the process.


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