BEC Union Leaders Apologize To Leslie Miller

Monday 08th, April 2013 / 10:12 Published by

After three days of illegal demonstrations, the Bahamas Electrical Workers Union (BEWU) leaders are singing a new tune.

Now, the monkeys who run the union are apologizing for calling BEC Chairman Leslie Miller a “dog”.

BEWU president Stephano Greene told a local newspaper he regretted the comments he made to the media describing Mr Miller as ‘a dog needing a leash’. The delirious unionists had also made several demands of the government… including that Mr Miller be fired.

Mr Greene now says he would like to go on record as saying that he “might have made some statements that were not in the best of taste by saying that the government ought to control their dog.

“I, in no way or form, want to show disrespect to Mr Miller or the government. We apologise for any inconvenience that it may have caused.

“We realise that there is a certain way that things should be conducted especially when we get to Prime Minister Perry Christie’s level. I apologise.”

Greene’s irreverent assault on Mr Miller came on Wednesday, the second day of his union’s illegal protests at BEC’s main offices. He claimed Mr Miller was lambasting staff and acting as a tyrant by publicly announcing whom he would fire from the company.

He said the government may need to “put a leash on their dog and put him in line.”

The industrial unrest has also led to a police probe into a power outage on Wednesday, said BEC spokesman Arnette Ingraham.

“There was a generator trip at Blue Hills on Wednesday evening, April 3, 2013. To my knowledge, due to the heightened industrial climate at BEC, the Royal Bahamas Police Force was contacted to conduct an investigation,” Imngraham said.

Mr Greene said that if the investigation found a union member was guilty of sabotage, they would be dealt with to the full extent of the law.

Meanwhile, operations at BEC were ‘back to normal’ by Friday.

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