D’oh! Ministry Launches Online Housing Database

Wednesday 17th, April 2013 / 08:48 Published by

The Department of Housing announced the official launch of an online housing database, dohbahamas.com, as part of Minister Ken Dorsett’s ongoing effort to modernise the industry and improve customer service.

Dorsett said the volume of applications is increasing, making it difficult to keep track of all applicants.

“This website was established to address this issue by providing applicants, including those from our Family Islands, the opportunity to easily apply for home ownership from the comfort of their homes,” he told The Tribune.

“I consider this to be another step in the right direction towards ensuring that the Department of Housing and my ministry at large are meeting the needs of those seeking its services in a timely manner and with improved accuracy.”

The site will help Bahamians register and apply for government home ownership online.

Once an online application has been completed, a registration number is assigned and the applicant can log in to the site at any time to view the status of their application.

The site will also provide customers with the ability for supporting documents such as passport copies, job letters, or pay slips, to be uploaded along with the application.

“It is my hope that the general public will take advantage of this new service and that it will prove to be a source of useful information in the decision making process regarding the types of homes we offer and how to better meet the housing needs of Bahamians,” he told The Tribune.

“The public should note that I have instructed that this site and the email addresses attached be manned daily ensuring that applicants receive timely responses to their concerns and applications.

“As minister responsible I want to ensure that my ministry is equipped with and utilises the instruments available in this age of technology to provide effective and efficient services to the people of the Bahamas.”

“I asked that all persons, whether you have applied for a government built home before or not to go to the website, fill out the application and upload the supporting documents.”

For more information, visit www.dohbahamas.com.


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