Operation: Potcake in Elizabeth Launched

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Ryan Pinder, M.P Elizabeth in partnership with BAARK (Bahamas Alliance for Animal Rights and Kindness) launched ‘Operation Potcake in Elizabeth,’ Saturday, April 20th 2013.

The walkabout is a part of the Elizabeth Spay and Neuter Community Program for residents, which allowed BAARK representatives to present information about animal welfare.

Fifteen (15) animals were apart of the program, seven (7) dogs were collected by BAARK and eight (8) vouchers were given to residents to transport their animals to the clinic. As an ongoing initiative, more animals are expected to be collected through out the Elizabeth community.

‘Operation Potcake in Elizabeth,’ is the fourth initiative of the Elizabeth Community Enhancement Program launched over the past six months. In addition to Saturday’s spay and neutering program, Pinder has launched the ‘Malcolm Creek Restoration Project,’ crime prevention community cleanups and the ‘Parks of Elizabeth Enhancement Project.’ The program addresses the concerns of constituents with the focus of ‘enhancing the neighbourhood, building our community and adding value to Elizabeth.’

“The constituents reported that the stray animals in the area were a major concern because they were devaluing the community and unsafe for the residents, especially the children. This initiative promises to address these concerns and make Elizabeth a safer and more pleasant living environment,” said Ryan Pinder. During the walkabout residents expressed their gratitude for the program and applaud Minister Pinder and the BAARK team on their efforts to improve Elizabeth and educate the residents.

Photos Courtesy of D’Angelo Reid

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