Public Nuisance at Montagu Beach

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Open letter to Commissioner Ellison Greenslade

I wish to draw your attention to another aspect of the lawlessness that now completely permeates our society – that of disturbing the peace or creating a public nuisance.

I am a resident of Village Road and for some weeks, almost every weekend, our neighborhood has been subjected to deafening music for hours on end emanating from Montagu Beach.  The residents of our community frequently call Wulff Road Police Station requesting assistance and while they are sympathetic they, understandably, have far more serious matters to attend to given their limited and often overworked resources.

Nonetheless, it is intolerable that our community is repeatedly subjected to this flagrant and total disregard of the law and common decency.  I am sure that were it some politician who was being subjected to this, or yourself for that matter, the problem would long since have been dealt with.

Montagu Beach since its recent restoration has once again become a popular spot for both locals and visitors alike, and it is shameful that a handful of inconsiderate individuals are every weekend allowed to destroy the tranquility of this once again idyllic family and tourist venue.

As this problem of loud music is prevalent throughout the island might I suggest that it be made a requirement to obtain a permit from the relevant authority stipulating the date and times during which music may be played at a public park or beach.  Spot patrols, if not presented with the proper documentation, should hand out a few hefty fines on the spot like traffic tickets which would soon discourage any who thought to flout the regulations.  If we can police hooliganism in the public schools why not the public beaches, or is this just wishful thinking?

However, until such time as something is done to discipline and discourage these people I hope that you, and those who govern us, continue to enjoy the peace and quiet on weekends that we in this neighborhood are being denied.

By: Ian Mabon

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  • How is it that a private function (wedding party) at Club Waterloo could be closed down by the police when the Chinese Embassy was formally being opened by the Prime Minister, because it was supposedly making too much noise?


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