Tambearly Praised For Solar Power Installation

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Bahamas  Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald April 15 applauded the historic installation of  solar panels with 39 Kw peak output at Tambearly School in Westridge, “Tambearly students should be extremely proud to be the first school in New Providence to install significant  solar power. We are looking forward to the success of this project with a view to implementing it in other schools in New Providence,“ he said.

He added that the Ministry of Finance is encouraging  each Cabinet Member to cut down on electricity costs and that the Ministry of Education already is training students to install and repair solar panels.

Supplied and installed by Power Windsun Bahamas Ltd., the 160 bright aqua solar panels give the roof of Tambearly Auditorium the look of a gigantic swimming pool. Richard L. Parker, President of Power Windsun Bahamas Ltd., pointed out that fewer than 20 of his company’s solar panels can replace  about $300 in monthly electrical costs.  He sees the “installation of renewable non-polluting solar energy panels as a way to reduce costs for businesses… and for schools  a possible  way to avoid some tuition increases, making quality education more affordable to a wider group.”

Mrs. Alice Langford, founder and principal of prestigious Tambearly School, reported,  “Tambearly School has always been keenly aware of the environment.  We write on every line of paper; use only one hand towel each,  and wear our sun hats every time we are outside.  These were our baby steps.  This  solar energy installation is a giant step to improve our environment by using renewable energy. I think every child in Tambearly knows the value of conserving energy, so this is a very special day.”

Mr. Parker thanked the Board of the Bahamas Electricity corporation, saying “Everyone there is extremely concerned with and doing everything in their power to reduce the cost of electricity.”

BEC Chairman Leslie Miller regretted he was unable to attend  the launch of the Tambearly installation, but commented that  he considers it an important step forward for non-polluting renewable energy in The Bahamas.

Describing just how solar panels work, Mr. Parker explained, “When silicon crystals in the solar panels are struck by sunlight,  electrons in the silicon crystals move about, creating an electrical current that can be harnessed to provide electrical power.”

Power Windsun Bahamas Ltd. was established to forward the use of renewable energy in the Bahamas. The company has two divisions. The first division  focuses on commercial installation applications; while the second provides certified training to independent installers and provides solar power kits starting at under $4,000. These kits include solar panels, mounting rails, an inverter  and, most importantly, a power management system.

According to Mr. Parker, “The power management system is the key to the whole system. It monitors the user’s consumption needs and regulates the inverter output level  to avoid random overproduction. Overproduction at any time would lead to a positive electrical charge into the BEC grid lines which is illegal and will also result in a higher electricity bill instead of a lower one.”

He advises, “The public should be wary of installing solar power systems that do not have an active power management system. For enquiries please contact:  pwindsun@gmail.com or cell 477-7922.”

Mr. Basil Christie, organizer of the recent very successful Carifta Games said, “I’ve know Richard Parker for 20 years.  He is very creative, energetic, and a perfectionist. If he’s involved, it is going to work and it is going to be perfect.  In 10 years we will look around at all the solar energy in action and say, ‘It all started at Tambearly.’”

By P. S. News/Features

Caption: Tambearly School Historic Solar Installation—VIPs gathered to dedicate the installation of 160 solar panels and the controlling system at Tambearly School, the first in New Providence to install solar power, are: (from left) Tambearly School Founder and Principal Alice Langford;  Richard L. Parker, President of Power Windsun Bahamas Ltd.; Minister of Education Jerome Fitzgerald, and Basil Christie, Carifta Games Organizer.  Every student at environmentally aware Tambearly School is required to wear a  sun protective hat  when outdoors. Photo by P S News/ Features


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