Bahama Bar-B-King Wins Cattlemens Contest

Wednesday 01st, May 2013 / 10:17 Published by

Kwivan Miller

Anyone who has the temerity to refer to himself as the “king” of anything has to be able to live up to the title. Well Kwivan Miller boldly named his team the Bahama Bar-B-King and lived up to the title as he captured the crown at the Thompson Trading Co. and Cattlemen’s BBQ Sauce 1st Cattlemen’s Smokin’ Hot BBQ Competition.

Miller walked away with $500 and a trip to Puerto Rico to compete in the finale at the Cattlemen’s Caribbean BBQ Competition. The New Providence grill-off took place at the new waterfront boardwalk at Bay Street Marina behind Green Parrot on East Bay Street. Competition categories included beef, BBQ sauce, poultry, pork ribs, seafood, pork butt and showmanship (the coolest looking booth).

The Bahama Bar-B-King head chef, who works at the Albany Resort, has been working in the field for approximately 12 years said he felt a sense of overwhelming pride when he was declared the winner in the championship ranking.

Miller and his team — his brothers, Brandon and Llewelyn Miller and his girlfriend Lavanda Stubbs – eked out a slim win (634 points) over the second place BWF Grill Masters (633 points). The Meat Police finished third (616 points). Twenty-four teams competed.

Miller learned about the competition one week before the finale and entered immediately. He had been looking at an avenue to get his sauce out to the public and felt the competition provided the perfect venue.


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