Alleged Child Porn Victim Cries During Testimony

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An eleven-year-old girl who is an alleged victim of child pornography and unlawful sexual intercourse cried in the Supreme Court as she recalled the occasions a man allegedly woke her out of her sleep to give him oral sex.

The girl, who was nine between November 9, 2009 and January 8, 2010 when the alleged events occurred, told the court that on a day she was home from school due to illness, a man known to her family had entered the room she slept in and awoke her.

He asked her for oral sex, the girl claimed, wiping her face with the tissue given to her by the court clerk.

Edward Butler, 64, the accused, sat in a crouching position in court shaking his head as the complainant gave her evidence.

He faces a charge each of unlawful sexual intercourse and child pornography, which he denies. The court heard yesterday that the oral sex allegedly continued for a short time, and afterwards the girl claimed she was told not to say anything.

The girl said she went outside of the house to be with a relative who was working. When asked why she didn’t tell the relative what happened, she said: “Cause I was scared.”

The girl claimed that another day she was home, it happened again, this time, with the man pulling a cell phone out of his pants pocket and photographing the act.

She claimed that another time he pulled her into the bathroom to tell her that he had lost his phone but got a replacement before the oral sex happened again.

The girl said she went with her mother and uncle to a police station to report the matter in May 2010.

A week later, they returned to the police station where she saw the accused and his attorney present and she identified herself in the picture on the phone.

The trial resumes on Monday, May 27, 2013.

By Lamech Johnson
Tribune Staff Reporter

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