The Apology Fred Mitchell Won’t Make

Monday 06th, May 2013 / 08:52 Published by

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to apologize to the animal trainer at Atlantis hotel for the poor un-Christian treatment she received from our immigration department.

You did not deserve this treatment.

Maybe one day our people will learn to treat the visitors to our country more courteously.

Those of us who have children who travel to yours and other far away places would not want that sort of treatment as experienced by you.

We are reminded of some good sayings like,  “What goes around comes around” and “Do unto others as you would want them to do unto you”.

The better-thinking Bahamian people don’t agree with immigration action toward our best friend’s child.  America is our best friend in the world and if you don’t believe the U.S. is our best friend, let someone attack us next week and watch who comes to our defense without asking.  That knowledge alone should encourage us to be nice to our investors and visitors, especially the U.S.

To answer the minister on his question on why Bahamians are not made general managers of the bigger hotels in the country, he should realize that the only people who I know of who hire unqualified, inexperienced people to run a billion dollar corporation is The Bahamas government.

The minister’s words and actions are making it more difficult for an investor to choose a Bahamian as his number one man in The Bahamas.  His words and actions are defeating his own desire.

By:  Bob Neville

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2 Comments on “The Apology Fred Mitchell Won’t Make

  • This is not an isolated case. At another hotel an employee with a valid work permit was “arrested” one Friday night by Immigration Officers and incarcerated at the Detention Centre on Carmichael Road for three days. There are probably many such incidents but little, if anything, is said for fear of recrimination.

    • Bahamians need to stop worrying about foreign workers and focus on the deterioration of Bahamian society.


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