Who Is Responsible For Our Traffic Network?

Friday 10th, May 2013 / 10:07 Published by

I live in the Yamacraw area, work on West Hill St. and have to travel along Fox Hill Rd., the Eastern Rd. and Shirley St. each day.  The journey is frustrating, as this course has not been helped by the extensive road improvement works.  Several slight adjustments to traffic signals and sidewalks could make the journey less aggravating.

The intersection at the junction of Fox Hill Rd. and Prince Charles Dr. is a disaster.  The new roadwork has made the situation worse than it was before.  I believe that a well-designed roundabout will make this intersection less dangerous and more traffic friendly.  Vehicles travelling west on Prince Charles Dr. and wishing to access the Esso on the Run station have to navigate the light, turn north on Fox Hill Rd. and then squeeze through traffic travelling north and south on Fox Hill Rd. in order to access the gas station.  This backs up traffic on both sides of Fox Hill Rd. and traffic travelling east and west on Prince Charles Dr. wishing to turn north onto Fox Hill Rd.

Also, traffic travelling south on Fox Hill Rd. is impeded by vehicles attempting to exit the gas station.  There is a section of the sidewalk at this junction that is unnecessary, as it prevents traffic travelling south on Fox Hill Rd. from entering the turning lane to travel east on Prince Charles Dr.  At the beginning of the roadwork at this intersection I was told that a roundabout would be constructed.  I believe that would have been a better logistic, safer and user-friendly alternative than the disaster the intersection now is.

There are two points on Shirley St. where there is always gridlock in the mornings – at Kemp Rd. and at East St.  The traffic signal at the Kemp Rd. and Shirley St. intersection stays on green too long for traffic exiting from Kemp Rd. to Shirley St.  The result is that traffic is often backed-up on Shirley St. as far back as to the light at the Shirley St. and Village Rd. intersection.  As soon as you pass Kemp Rd. there is smooth sailing on Shirley St.  A simple adjustment of the timing of that traffic signal would make all the difference in the world.

The second major problem is the traffic light at East St. and Shirley St.  The timing has to be changed to permit more traffic to flow on Shirley St., where the bulk of the traffic is flowing.  This light causes congestion as far as Centreville and Shirley St.  Whoever is responsible, please make the necessary adjustments.

While I am on the subject of traffic lights on Shirley St., the light at the intersection of Shirley St. and Frederick St. is not needed, as very few vehicles drive out of Frederick St. onto Shirley St., or whatever the name of the street is at the end of Shirley St.  Moreover, why can’t the lights at Elizabeth Ave., East St. and Parliament St. be synchronized so they turn green at the same time?  This would definitely help with the traffic flow.

It appears that those responsible for traffic signals and traffic flow do not observe the traffic on Shirley St.  These problem areas I mentioned have existed for months and months, but there have been no adjustments.  Traffic flow affects all who use the roads.  Proper traffic flow is important for punctuality, safety and peace of mind.

By:  Eric Gardner

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