Disgusted With Present Administration

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This present administration seems very selective in its enforcement and application of law and governance.

Initially, I greeted the government’s announcement pertaining to issuing work permits to foreign nationals with much optimism – not that I have a problem with foreigners being employed here.

I simply thought that it would be a platform on which the Department of Immigration would enforce the immigration laws of this country – the whole law, thus curbing and constructively addressing the continuous flow of illegal migrants into this country.

In other words, initiating and executing deportation exercises.

Not only of people who entered illegally, but those who are documented and saw it fit to stay beyond the maximum time the law allows.

Then came the embarrassing situation at Atlantis which pretty much speaks for itself.

Now I did use the word selective in describing the manner in which The Bahamas is governed.

That is a subtle way of pointing to the fact that victimization and discriminatory practices are very much pronounced and widespread – far worse than what the dolphin trainer at Atlantis experienced a few weeks ago.

I am referring to the fact that Bahamian citizens have been the recipients of gove?rnment induced, government sponsored victimization and discriminatory practices for quite sometime.

It has become a subculture within Bahamian society ingrained in our psyche that is expected and, unfortunately in many cases, accepted.

At this point in time my question is this: How do we as a people move forward? How can we move forward?

It seems as if there is a conspiracy of some sort devised to destroy the sovereignty of this country and the morale of its citizens.

Bahamians can’t have this, can’t have that. Can’t do this, can’t do that.

Foreigners on the other hand are granted special concessions and preferential treatment.

These ‘heads of’ agreements, as they are referred to, are infamous with disparities in favor of and for foreign investors.

I assume the term heads of translated means customs tariff exemptions, acres and acres of free land or land sold for pennies on the dollar; the right to not only compete with Bahamian businesses, but laws and legislation that suppress and ultimately crush them.

Disparity at its best, all in favor of foreigners under the guise (excuse) of investment.

No doubt Bahamian citizens have been alienated and discriminated against continuously by their own government.

To those who would deny this, a simple exercise. Put your ear to the street.

The level and tone of disgust with this present administration is loud and clear.

By:  Real Bahamian

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