Nygard Incident Shows The Bahamas as a Nation For Sale… Again

Tuesday 23rd, July 2013 / 09:21 Published by

Last week in the media, I listened to pastors’ and politicians’ endorsements and support of one of The Bahamas’ permanent residents who resides at Lyford Cay, Peter Nygard.

They praised and celebrated him like never before as he has become the talk of the town in recent times.  Despite the recently surfaced video that boasted “Nygard Takes Bahamas Back”, many waited with bated breath to see which of the ministers of government would speak out against the way the video portrayed the current government.

Much to Bahamians’ surprise, the ministers seen in the video, who spoke publicly to the issue, as well as the prime minister, came out in defense of Nygard.

Another video has surfaced with Nygard.  It shows a confrontation between the Lyford Cay resident and a prominent pastor, Rev. C.B. Moss.  Nygard, who was escorted by Rev. Philip McPhee, Bishop Simeon Hall and others, said, “I have done more for The Bahamas than any other person.”  Many Bahamians who are not beneficiaries of any donations from this gentleman have serious concerns about this type statement from a foreigner.  I had to take some time to think these events through.  It appears The Bahamas has again become a nation for sale.

I wondered if these are the same men who are fighting tooth and nail with Cable and Wireless to acquire BTC back for Bahamians.  As it regards this Nygard controversy, not a single person in government has said publically this is not a good position for us to be in.  When men get up every morning, their natural instinct is to work towards making an honest living.  It is their goal in life to provide for their families – shelter, food, education and spirituality.  We were taught that “by the sweat of our brow, we shall eat”.  What we have before us now are panhandlers – pastors and politicians who have opted into the lazy way of finding capital.

When sponsoring a regatta is more important than feeding the poor and the homeless, we have lost our way.  The only person who has earned his way is the man giving out the money.  This year after celebrating 40 years of being an independent nation it is most casually obvious to the world that we are still a nation with a nagging dependency on foreign financial investments and donations for survival of an economy.

By: Concerned Citizen

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