A Good Bahamian? Open Your Eyes

Monday 26th, August 2013 / 15:47 Published by

Bahamas, open your eyes. You have government politicians in this country right now insisting to you that being a “good Bahamian” means you should lie, cheat, hide and cover-up the truth, and turn a blind eye to crime and wrongdoing.

You know why they feel comfortable telling us this? Because to our heart, many of us as Bahamians still love corruption, deception and lies. These politicians are telling you that corruption is the Bahamian way, and so anyone who won’t be corrupt, lie and cover-up dirt, is not a good or true Bahamian.

That’s why crime and social ills are so high in this country – we lie, we cover up wrongdoing, we turn a blind to crime and criminality, and then call ourselves “Christian” and turn up our noses as though we are better than others in the region and world.

Open your eyes, and stop glorifying the glorifying of corruption and lies.

Sharon Turner

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9 Comments on “A Good Bahamian? Open Your Eyes

  • It has been brought to my attention that the Bahamas knows about my shirt enterprise here in Miami. Listen real closely because I’m only going to tell you rats once! I’m an American now, I don’t steal, I don’t deal in drugs, and I pay all my taxes; the IRS loves me. If any of you worthless Bahamians even tries to interfere in my business by having one of your relatives in Florida confront me, I going to shoot the hell out of them! As a business owner, I carry a licensed .50 caliber desert eagle that will remove your head from your body with one shot. Your crime problem you brought on yourselves, I’m just profiting from it, that’s the American way. Take my warning seriously, I’m not going to play any games with you!

  • Just a Canadian tourist visiting Miami-Replying to Marie

    Hey Marie, I own three of those shirts, $15 a piece!…lol…The Jamaican who sells them is known as “Goldie Locks”, because of his blonde dreadlocks. Personally I think he’s a genius, did you notice the hidden up side down cross in one of the Palm trees in the back round? He told me it symbolizes the Anti-Christ that most Bahamians believe in. He also told me he paid cash for that beautiful Bentley he owns…lol…He a genius, the economy sucks, and he’s becoming rich at the expense of the crime ridden Bahamas.

    • OMG! What a great idea! I’m making $9.50 an hour at Mickey D’s and he just bought a $250,000 car! OMG! That’s $250,000 divided by $15 a shirt….Holly shit! he has sold 16,666.666 shirts!…….Lord, that is not a good number(666)that can not be a good sign.

      • This is bad, real bad! This means there are over 16,000 people out there advertising the Bahamas in a negative way; this will ad to our suffering economy. Is there any legal action our Country can take against this Jamaican man?

        • Tommy you and your friends quite obviously don’t know much about our country or our people just as you obviously tar all of us with the same brush. Yes we have a crime problem in Nassau as does every other city/ large town in the world including Toronto & Miami. If you took the time to check you would note that Miami with a population of 408750 or very similar to Nassau, has recorded the following crime statistics so far this year.
          68 murders,97 rapes, 4486 violent crimes, assault etc & 23,204 crimes against property.
          Sounds positively utopian doesn’t it. Sounds more to me like the pot calling the kettle black!

  • In Miami, I believe on 13th street and 2nd, there is a Jamaican selling shirts that say, “Your Deader in the Bahamas, not better”, with a picture of two Bahamian rats shooting each other with palm trees in the back round. I heard he’s making a killing selling these shirts, my cousin told me he drive a brand new 2013 Bentley; at lease someone is making money in this economy.


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