Sex Assault Acquittal Causes Anguish

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A jury’s decision to acquit a man of sexually assaulting a pre-teen girl in a church led to emotional responses from the defendant and alleged victim.

Leroy Adderley, 48, cried as the jury in a majority decision of six to three cleared him of an unlawful sexual intercourse charge.

By contrast, his accuser, now 18, let out an anguished scream and had to be consoled by her mother.

Prosecutors allege that Adderley, who worked as a handyman at Agape Full Gospel Church in Golden Palm Estates, had sex with the 12-year-old girl on July 30, 2007.

The alleged victim said she was playing with friends after vacation Bible school at the church ended for the day. She said Adderley, a man she “respected and trusted”, told her she was needed downstairs to answer the phone in the reception area.

The young woman said she accompanied Adderley, who dragged her into the bathroom once she reached the foyer. She said she was too terrified to scream as Adderley pulled down her pants and underwear and had sex with her while standing.

She said she did not tell her stepfather, a policeman, about the alleged sexual assault when he picked her up along with her sister and her cousins.

However, she said a complaint was made at the police station later that day and she was examined by a doctor at the hospital.

Romona Farquharson-Seymour suggested that Adderley told the girl to come downstairs because she was misbehaving.

Adderley did not call any witnesses on his behalf. Justice Vera Watkins presided over the case. Uel Johnson prosecuted.

Artesia Davies
The Nassau Guardian


3 Comments on “Sex Assault Acquittal Causes Anguish

  • Well it looks like the rape assault was avenged late last night. Leroy Adderley, son of Rev Helen Mcphee of Agape Church has been killed. We all know how he got off, but what he didn’t know was, what awaited his evil acts…

  • Tolkien, you speak the truth, anyone who thinks otherwise check it out in any Bahamian Newspapers. There is an Evil, yes, Evil! Going on in this Country that has even the Police afraid. Murder is totally out of control, humans, animals, whatever. Even the Pastor has left his church after his wife was raped in the church while she was cleaning it… by a 13 or 14 year old teenager! If you doubt me, check out the news webistes and newspapers in the Bahamas, and read for yourselves. Go back a few months and all you’ll read is murder after murder and rape after rape. The U.S.A. has issued three travel warnings in a row against the Bahamas; calling it “Critical”. Don’t believe me, please, check it yourselves; the computer can also save your life with research.

  • Bahamians should not expect to continue to be a ‘blessed’ nation as they have come to see themselves, comparing themselves with Haiti & other nations. This is just one of many cases with the same outcome, although they rarely make it to a decision in court.

    While being homeless in the Bahamas, I was shocked to see just how deep the corruption is in this country. I will never forget the way men talk about rape of women & children. It is always the girls fault, even if they are only 9 years old. Men stand around & laugh at stories of some ‘hard to get’ girl being raped. I will never forget how hard a large group of men from all walks of life were laughing while remembering a lady who died during oral sex on Potters Cay dock. How about the men who stand & talk about the amount of money they spent taking care of their daughters which gives them the right to be the first to have sex with them.

    The Bahamas is an evil place, no less then Haiti.


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