Bimini Biologist Says Sharks Have Personalities

Wednesday 07th, August 2013 / 22:29 Published by

Photo: Denis Scott/Corbis

A biologist from the Bahamas has discovered while that some sharks can be aggressive, others can be ‘mellow’.

He said that his evidence points to the existence of a ‘personality’ in the much maligned fish.

Biologist Jean Sebastien Finger added that it is impossible to generalise the behaviour of one individual to a species.

In a study of young Lemon Sharks, he found that some of the fish were novelty-seekers while others were less sociable and played it safe when exploring a new enclosure.

Mr Finger, of the Bimini Biological Field Station in the Bahamas, conducted the first study of its kind into the behaviour of Lemon Sharks, which are relatively easy to capture and handle, measuring less than a metre when they are young.

The biologist caught and tagged sharks living around 60 miles east of Miami and studied them in pools.


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