Bowe Denies Miller’s Murder Accusations

Wednesday 14th, August 2013 / 22:19 Published by

The man Tall Pines MP Leslie Miller claimed is responsible for the 2002 murder of his son Mario denied the “scurrilous remarks” and challenged Miller to make his claims outside Parliament where he has no legal protection.

“I had absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Miller’s son’s death in any form,” Dion Bowe told The Nassau Guardian in an interview at the office of his attorney, Wayne Munroe.

“His public pronouncement in The Bahamas Parliament using my name in relation to his son’s demise is injurious and psychologically damaging to me and my family, especially my dear mother.

“It is particularly disturbing as it is communicated in a forum where Mr. Miller has absolute privilege and so cannot be held accountable for the truth of his statement.

Mario Miller’s mutilated body was found in June 2002 in bushes near the Super Value food store in Winton not far from his home.

After three trials, no one has been convicted of murdering Mario Miller, who was 28 when he died.

Miller said he learnt from the police and others that Bowe had told his girlfriend that he was going to have Mario killed.

But Bowe said yesterday he is “appalled that a senior member of Parliament can rise to his feet at anytime and savage the name and reputation of a private citizen with scurrilous remarks without any recourse for that private citizen to respond”.

“There are limited exceptions where it is acceptable to speak about a private citizen. “It is generally in regards to Parliament’s business or government’s business. This conversation had nothing to do with government business.”

Munroe and Bowe noted that the Constitutional Commission recently indicated the need to consider providing some protection to private citizens “against abuses like this”.


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