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In the letters to the editor’s column in a local newspaper, there appeared a letter under the headline “An unsung hero to Bahamians” by one Kevin Evans of Freeport.  The writer went to great length in naming a number of people he claims to be national heroes; but, with the exception of two, Fawkes and Whitfield, he failed to tell us what the others did that would entitle them to so lofty a position in our social structure.

It would seem that the writer failed to do a little research on the two he categorized, for if he had he would have found that Whitfield was only a co-founder of the FNM and not the founder; he would have also found that there is no real documentation, besides a questionable affidavit, to show that Lynden Oscar Pindling was a Bahamian.

Pray tell me Evans, what did Clarence Bain, Doris Johnson and Timothy Gibson contribute in order to be categorized as national heroes?

The writer gave us a detailed account of William Wilberforce. I can remember reading about the actions of Wilberforce and others who were opposed to the slave trade as a pupil at Buchley’s All Age School some 75-plus years ago; but I never read then nor do I see anything mentioned by the writer now that suggests that his actions in any way make him an unsung hero of this nation. In my opinion the suggestion is not only ridiculous, but nonsensical.

Over the past two weeks there has been a lot of controversy over the suspension of the leader of the opposition from Parliament.

The action of the opposition MPs, exclusive of Edison Key, was commendable. It was commendable some years back when a PLP member was ejected from the House and PLP MPs did the same thing. Why is it disgraceful now when the FNMs do it?

Oh what hypocrites we be. The leader of the opposition is at a critical stage in his career. He needs the boost. He should not be ungrateful but remember to thank the speaker for giving him the opportunity to show that he has some testicular fortitude. His stand will undoubtedly sway a number of FNMs who are looking elsewhere for leadership. Way to go Doc.

Keep it up.

There is a truism that goes thus: “There is nothing new under the sun.” There were a lot of people expressing their opinions on the actions of Key, but for Key and the FNM it is not unusual. One only has to check his political track record.

I can say without fear of contradiction that the FNM is without question the only party in this nation that spawned three parties (BDP, SDP and FNDM) and four leaders (Bostwick, Solomon, Whitfield and Bostwick) in less than three years.

The PLP was responsible for creating one party (NDP) and three leaders of another party; Whitfield and Ingraham both led the FNM and Paul Adderley led the NDP. When Pindling ordered a boycott of Parliament in 1965 it was broken by Adderley and company. So Key is doing nothing new.

Adderley and his cohorts were expelled. It remains to be seen what will happen to Key; but if he is expelled it won’t be anything new. I know that some readers will say that the Free PLP was a party but it was not a party – only a grouping with a leader and no officers.

By: Errington W.I. Watkins

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