Police Dog Tortured and Murdered

Friday 23rd, August 2013 / 08:42 Published by

A German Shepherd dog owned by the Royal Bahamas Police Force died from heat stress on Monday after being found in the back of a van.

In view of the incident, animal rights activists are calling for a full investigation into the matter.

Jim Crosby, a canine aggression expert at the Bahamas Humane Society, said the dog was brought “into the clinic near death” after being found in a van where it is believed he stayed for more than a day.

When the dog’s temperature was recorded 35 minutes later, his temperature was 110 degrees.

The normal temperature for dogs is between 101 to 102 degrees, Mr Crosby said, adding: “His temperature was enough to basically fry him. It causes brain failure and organ failure. He obviously died from heat stress. There were no injuries and his death could’ve been completely preventable.”

Mr Crosby said Police Force officials know who is responsible for the dog’s death and that person could have performed criminal negligence.

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2 Comments on “Police Dog Tortured and Murdered

  • This is criminal. If we can not trust our police officers to be responsible with their own dogs then we can not trust them in a position of authority.

    The police need to be held to a higher standard than the rest of us and this kind of abuse and neglect is shocking and despicable. Who ever is responsible should be held criminally accountable.

    But he won’t be, will he. He’ll get a slap on the wrist because a dog’s life really isn’t worth anything, is it?

    I have absolutely no respect for our lame, ineffective, self-protecting police force and I don’t know anyone who does. This is a criminal act of negligence and I am absolutely outraged.

    Just once, I’d like to see something like this handled right in this country, handled with real justice, but I know I will only continue to be utterly disappointed.


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