Texaco Gas Leak Taking Too Long To Resolve

Monday 19th, August 2013 / 07:50 Published by

More than seven months after an underground gasoline leak was discovered at Texaco on Robinson Road, the long-awaited assessment that could reveal who is at fault for parts of Marathon being “contaminated”, has still not been completed.

Minister of the Environment Kenred Dorsett pledged to meet with international consultants, Black and Veatch Corporation, to get an update on the gasoline leak, which was discovered in January.

RUBIS, the owner of the Texaco franchise, and international consultant SENES Consultants Limited were previously engaged.

In June, Dorsett told reporters that as a result of a potential conflict with “SENES possibly providing some advice to a parent company of RUBIS at some point” the government opted for Black and Veatch to investigate.

Dorsett said Black and Veatch will advise the government on the way forward with health and safety protocols for petroleum retailers, a sector that is currently unregulated.

As previously reported, RUBIS absorbed the cost for a group of Robinson Road and Old Trail Road residents to be connected to the Water and Sewerage Corporation’s (WSC) network.

At least four homes in the area using water wells were connected because they were of “immediate concern”.

Another 12 homes with existing connections, but using water wells intermittently, were also fully connected.

Source: The Nassau Guardian


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