Two More Women Raped

Friday 23rd, August 2013 / 08:45 Published by

A woman claims to have been attacked and raped by an acquaintance she had been having a casual conversation with when a power outage occurred.

The 27-year-old victim was in the park around midnight in Elizabeth Estates with a man she knew from the neighbourhood.

When the power occurred the man became very aggressive. When she refused his advances he punched her several times in the face and dragged her onto a nearby bleacher at the park and raped her.

The victim began screaming and the suspect fled when people approached.

Police are also investigating the rape of a 20-year-old female tourist on Paradise Island. A 26-year-old American man is in custody assisting police.

According to reports the woman was swimming in a pool when she was sexually assaulted by the suspect, a man staying at the same hotel.

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1 Comments on “Two More Women Raped

  • She should have grabbed his you know what and yanked it until he lost his mind. Why would a man do this to a woman? If this ever were to happen to you, you need to have the mindset to hold onto that which is getting these low down dirty freaks to do whatever they feel like to a woman, and yank it away from their bodies. Like my departed Mom use to tell me when I was a little girl, “Never cry rape, but holler FIRE, and scream and ring it like a church bell”. She said when you holler rape no one will want to come, but if you holler FIRE, then everyone will come running. When they catch this mangy dog they should beat his behind like the beat conch.


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