U.S. Embassy Diplomat, Family Robbed

Thursday 01st, August 2013 / 10:01 Published by

A second U.S. Embassy diplomat and his family have become victims of the violent crime crisis in New Providence.

The diplomat, his wife, kids, and visiting parents were all held up and robbed by two knife-wielding thugs in broad daylight on Saturday, July 27, 2013.

The family was about to sit down and enjoy picnic on the beach just past Nesbitt’s Bar out west when the bold bandits struck.

One of the thugs reportedly held a knife to the wife’s throat. And the second bandit reportedly robbed the family of all their valuables.

Bahamian and U.S. officials have hushed up the robbery. However, U.S. Charges D’Affaires John Dinkelman and his Embassy staff are furious at the robbery.

Police are still looking for the thieves.

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1 Comments on “U.S. Embassy Diplomat, Family Robbed

  • I guess they (the government) will not learn. The U.S. is the bread of the bread and butter and if this s___ doesn’t stop, the U.S. will put the screws to The Bahamas. The little island of New Providence and they cannot cure crimes or they don’t want to OR are afraid to. Everyone will pay one way or another. They do that shit to The Chinese…the Chinese will kill their ass.

    Have a nice tomorrow


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