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Life Coach Kaylus Adams has announced plans for a unique retreat for women entitled, Renovate Your Life that is designed to ignite, enlighten, support and inspire women to redefine, reorganize, refresh and redecorate their lives. Just as the renovation of a physical space requires specific planning and development phases in order to reach completion, this engaging Retreat will follow similar guidelines in a holistically personal way.

Targeted towards those women who might find themselves looking to enjoy life more, or feeling that they have outgrown where they are, or are tired of the same ol’ same ol’ but are not quite sure how to make a change, Ms Adams stated:  “Significant changes to live our best, ideal life can happen as a result of getting clarity about what we want, making quality decisions to uphold what we want, and taking intentional steps toward what we want in order to accomplish goals.”

The Retreat will take place at Doongalik Studios on Village Road over the course of 8 hours of coaching within the span of 60 days, in three phases of one Saturday session per month during September, October and November. Women will be guided through 3 moderately paced, group coaching sessions entitled ‘Redesign, Renovate and Reveal’ during which Ms Adams will lead them through fun, engaging self-discovery exercises and provide them with self-assessments to notice changes in thinking, desires and direction. Her audiences, participants and clients can expect her to share proven life principles, draw witty illustrations and reference enlightening anecdotes.

Kaylus Adams is the creative mastermind of this event which is a merger of her hospitality background with over ten years of experience as a life and business realignment coach, workshop and retreat facilitator. As a successful example of her own renovated life, Ms Adams is able to empathize with women because she understands that change, transition and transformation can be painstaking, uncomfortable, and lonely.  She knows what it is like to make challenging, unscripted out of the box decisions to embrace more joy, peace and fulfillment and passion one’s life.

For more information about this experience and what it includes, visit or send an email to: and to take advantage of early bird registration and its bonus offering, visit

For more information about Kaylus Adams visit her website at


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