Bahamian American Launching Bahamas Against Cancer Fight in South Florida

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 Bahamas Against Cancer Family Reunion event to take place in Miami Gardens

A South Floridian and descendant of The Bahamas, Mr. Sydney Ferguson, has initiated a plan to assist Bahamians who continue to visit Florida in large numbers for cancer treatments as well as to help and support friends or family members visiting to assist those battling the disease.

Mr. Ferguson’s plan will begin on Saturday, October 26th, with the launching of the first Bahamas Against Cancer Family Reunion event.  The festival will take place in Miami Gardens, Florida at The Betty T. Ferguson Amphitheater 3000 NW 199 St.  from 2:00 pm until 10:00pm.  And will be a fun filled family day with music, dance, and Bahamian cuisine.

The Reunion will feature a stage with live entertainment providing a variety of music including Calypso, Gospel, R&B, Rap and Reggae.  An additional highlight will be a “Bahamian Cook-Off” where the best local Bahamian Restaurants and Chefs will compete to determine who makes the best Conch Fritters, Conch Salad and Johnny Cake.  The winner of this event will receive a fabulous prize. Vendors at the event will be displaying and selling arts and crafts, and clothing, as well as distributing information, registering voters and much more.

Bahamian clergymen from the South Florida district, Pastors Dave Ellis and Vincent Brown, will be assisting Mr. Ferguson as 1st vice President and 2 nd Vice President, of the non profit Foundation that has been formed with the sole purpose of raising funds to assist Bahamians in the fight with and against cancer.

In addition to assisting those visiting for treatments, the foundation also plans on implementing an educational process that will help fellow Bahamians to understand cancer from its beginnings, use that knowledge in the creation and improvement of cancer treatments – to relieve the suffering of cancer patients – and to provide education about cancer risk, prevention, and care. The ultimate vision of the Foundation is to establish a living community that will house patients, family and friends from The Bahamas while they are in Florida on visits involving cancer care and treatments.

The Bahamas Against Cancer Event at the end of October will be an opportunity for members of the community to attend and contribute towards the cause in one way or another, however, the Foundation expects that the public will donate in many other forms.  Donations are invited in the form of one-time gift of cash, frequent flier miles, monthly donations, or matching gifts program at the workplace. Corporate sponsorships are also being sought.

For more information on the event as well as donation and sponsorships, interested persons can contact Mr. Ferguson at 1-786-486-8531.

Sidney Ferguson
(786) 486-8531

By Jeannie R. Gibson


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