Murder Spike Spurs Band-Aid Tactic Crime Plan

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In the face of the recent dramatic rise in murders and violent attacks, National Security Minister Dr. Bernard Nottage announced that all police officers on New Providence will immediately be placed on 12-hour shifts.

Additionally, he said 150 defence force marines will be immediately deployed to assist with the crime fight.

“Secondly, all officers on the police band, as a consequence of this, have been deployed to front line policing. Further, I wish to advise members of the public that for the time being, all requests for the use of the police band have been suspended.”

The announcement of the initiatives, which all take effect today, came as Nottage acknowledged that gang and turf wars have fueled the recent increase in violence. In the past two weeks, 13 people have been murdered.

Nottage added that police officers serving in administrative and support service capacities will also be deployed to the front line.

He said a police superintendent has been charged to take over the firearms and tracing investigation unit. That superintendent will be joined by a team of weapons experts and sharp shooters. Nottage said this will result in an increase in the firearms unit by 100 percent.

The minister said significant resources have been added to the Homicide Unit of the Central Detective Unit (CDU). The Armed Robbery Unit and Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) has also be adjusted and enhanced, he said.

The marines will be deployed to execute sedentary and other duties normally carried out by members of the police force so that the maximum number of police officers who have been trained to fight crime and enforce law and are deployed to the front line, according to Nottage.

The initiatives will result in an increase of up to 350 officers on the front lines, Nottage said.

As it relates to resources, Nottage said the government has ordered additional patrol cars and has pledged to provide the force with additional man power and resources as needed.

“The Government of The Bahamas is deeply troubled by the murders that have taken place in our country and what appears to be the wanton disregard for human life, law and order,” Nottage said. “The violence and lawlessness poses a very real danger to our peace and stability.

Nottage said the most recent murder and several of the other killings in the past days seem to be retaliation killings.

On Thursday night, Leroy Adderley, 48, who was acquitted of raping a 12-year-old girl, was shot and killed on Pitt Road off Boyd Road.

Source: Krystel Rolle
The Nassau Guardian


5 Comments on “Murder Spike Spurs Band-Aid Tactic Crime Plan

  • “On Thursday night, Leroy Adderley, 48, who was acquitted of raping a 12-year-old girl, was shot and killed on Pitt Road off Boyd Road.”

    When the courts and police fail, justice will still prevail 🙂

    • Any disrespect of a Woman or Child should be dealt with a baseball bat across the head. You get more free honey when you are nice to the bees and stunted to death if your aggressive towards them.

  • Increased police presence is not the answer (honestly, aren’t the police too often the criminals anyway?!). More police on the streets doesn’t address the social issues that are at the root of the problem.

    Sure, we might see a temporary decrease – maybe, maybe not, but the problem will still be festering.

    We need a leader with a vision as to how to resolve the societal ills and it will take some heavy reversals of the way we do things now. It won’t be overnight and it won’t be easy and it will require getting serious. It’s just downright stupid and blind to think that increasing the police presence is going solve crime – it won’t.

    We don’t have leaders with a vision to solve our problems and I don’t think there is any hope, really. We are all just sinking deeper into the mire and one day we will be where Haiti and Jamaica are and that’s just life.

    • The answer to your crime problem

      1) You must bring back hangings; if there is no penalties for the crimes committed, then there is no fear of the Law. Jail time is not good enough when crime can still be run from the jail by gang members.

      2) Make laws like the Cayman Islands and Turks and Caicos Islands; if even a bullet is found in a home or on someone, 2 to 3 years in jail, a gun, 5 years, murder, death by public hanging for all to see the results of their actions.

      3) And the most important answer; Stop letting your Pastors have a say in the criminal Law. If they want to save the souls of killers, do it in church not the courts. Remember, even in the Bible, GOD sent the righteous to wipe out the evil when needed. “He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword”, these are the words of GOD himself. Who is a human to change what GOD has said?

      Listen, I know this will never happen, and the Bahamas will continue to worsen. The Government is as guilty as the crooks, so they don’t want this to change, the people have to stand up and fight for it, or your future is Doomed!

    • I hate to tell you this Mr. Angry, but The Bahamas has already arrived at the Haiti/Jamaica bus stop. You must have been reading a book and missed it, but don’t worry, there is another one on it’s way; so play attention.


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