‘That’s Bain Town For Ya’

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The body of a young man was lying face down in a dusty, garbage heaped alley, surrounded by barricade tape as police waited for the hearse.

He had been shot several times in the head by another young man, barely in his 20s.

All around, his neighbours stood watching the show with a look of indifference that seemed to approach boredom.

Some treated the death of a boy they’d known their whole life like it was a joke. They had seen this too many times for it to make an impression.

A boy of about nine years old wheeled up on a rusty bike, older and taller than he was. He glanced at the body, gave a short laugh and said, “That’s Bain Town for ya,” before riding away.

Covering this murder scene last year, the result of a petty dispute between street corners, was my introduction to the new form of violence that today haunts this most iconic of Nassau communities.

Life has never been easy in Bain Town, and over the years tough social conditions and the stigma of being born in the ghetto have led many young men into a life of crime, driven young girls to prostitution and pushed both to hard drug use.

But what is happening now is something different, something more dangerous, and even some of the established hard men are becoming afraid.

VIDEO: Bain Town by Rupert Missick

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Article By Paco Nunez
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  • Aloha to my Bahamian Brothers and Sisters

    Lord, this breaks my heart, seeing the desperation in their eyes in this video! Why isn’t their Government helping them!? I don’t blame them for what they have to do to feed their children, I would do the same Lord! The Government people look very healthy to me, nice homes, nice cars, chucky bodies. While the civilians look underfed and living in shacks, driving broken down cars! My Bahamian friend told me to read what was going on in his Country, but this is to much to bear! When I see him today for lunch, I’m going to give him the biggest hug a man can give another man without causing a scene. I’m so glad he is here with us. I will pray for all Bahamians, God bless you all.


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