Trash Pile Growing At Montague

Tuesday 10th, September 2013 / 08:45 Published by

The recently refurbished Montague Foreshore is already becoming a dump, with an unsightly growing pile of trash near the high-traffic fish vendor stalls. Seems a waste of all the time and money to enhance and organize the area if it is going to be used as a dump spot. Perhaps a dumpster should be placed here and a maintenance program implemented.

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  • OMG! What a filthy dump the Bahamas has become! Cable beach is full of trash and bottles, what a bloody shame. Drug addicts are throwing their heroin needles in the sand intentionally so tourist can get stuck by them. Can you image going on vacation and coming back home with HIV because a needle stuck you in the foot?! Just to let your Government know, I write the travel column for a French Newspaper in France.


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