Majority of Biminites Say ‘NO’ To Increased Visitor Arrivals

Saturday 26th, October 2013 / 11:31 Published by

Almost two-thirds of Biminites surveyed for the Resorts World/Genting ferry terminal Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) said they did not want an increase in the island’s existing 52,000 annual visitor numbers.

This, and other startling findings that call into question the whole rationale for the Bimini Bay Resort’s proposed expansion, are contained in the EIA that has finally been made public – seemingly in response to recent pressure on the Government.

Apart from suggesting that most Biminites do not want an 11-fold increase in total visitor numbers to their island, the EIA also revealed:

The proposed ferry terminal and jetty, which will accommodate the daily arrival of Resorts World’s cruise ship from Miami, is “incompatible with the existing and future land uses of the remainder of North Bimini”.

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