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Atlantis, Paradise Island has taken its commitment to help eradicate illiteracy in The Bahamas a step further with its Atlantis Against Illiteracy campaign.

It comes as millions of school-aged children the world-over join with the US-based Jumpstart Organisation’s Read for the Record programme, where for one day each year, teachers, parents and anyone wanting to get involved are encouraged to read an assigned book to a group or classroom of children.

Last year, over 2.3 million children around the world had the book ‘Ladybug Girl and the Bug Squad’ by David Soman, read to them.

At that point the Atlantis Against Illiteracy programme was created and Atlantis arranged for a guest narrator to read the book to 323 local schoolchildren in the Atlantis Theatre. “This year we decided to take our efforts directly to the schools in the community in hopes of getting more narrators and children involved,” said organiser and Atlantis Librarian Stephanie Davis.

In addition to reading this year’s book, ‘Otis by Loren Long’ Atlantis team members and other narrators from the community talked about the importance of reading and the enjoyment books can bring.

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