Bran McCartney’s Brother Murdered

Friday 25th, October 2013 / 11:46 Published by

Kurt McCartney, brother of DNA Leader Branville McCartney, was murdered and his own vehicle was used to run over his body.

According to family members, Kurt had received a phone call earlier that night from a young woman who had allegedly threatened to kill him. He was said to have informed a close friend that he was going to “deal” with the matter and left to visit the girl in Gambier.

When he arrived at the home, it is believed that he was assaulted by a male who was described as a “Rasta”.  It is not clear how this is known, since it would have required a witness at the scene, yet no witness has been identified.

It is rumoured that Kurt was then shot in the head.

It is believed that the young woman, with a female companion sped off in Kurt’s vehicle – running over his body.  At press time last night, an image of his bloodied body was already making the rounds on Facebook.

Kurt’s vehicle was found almost 200 yards East of the scene – at the corner of Bahamia West — abandoned on the side of the road.

According to a neighbour at that location, security footage showed that the two young women got out of the vehicle, walked along the beach, and were picked up by another car some distance up the road.

Lots of holes in this story.  It is highly unlikely that the truth of Kurt’s murder will be made public.

Source: The Tribune

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