Is Fred Mitchell Still In The Cuba Mix?

Tuesday 01st, October 2013 / 22:09 Published by

We had hoped that Foreign Affairs Minister Fred Mitchell would have faded into the shadows when the Cuban abuse allegations were transferred to National Security Minister Dr Bernard Nottage. On Tuesday, Dr Nottage announced that “imminent” proceedings would start into the Detention Centre accusations to be followed by a full report.

But not Mr Mitchell. Emboldened by PLP chairman Bradley Robert’s praise of his handling of the dispute with the Cuban American protestors in Miami, he was determined to fire the last shot. In an open letter sent to Mr Roberts to be read at the monthly meeting of the PLP’s general council, Mr Mitchell regretted that he could not report on the matter in person, but explained that he was “on assignment in New York at the United Nations”. We hope that on his return he will divulge the importance of that assignment and what he has accomplished.

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