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Due to shocking opposition from the Veterinary Medical Association of The Bahamas (VMAB), Operation Potcake has been cancelled. Last January, Operation Potcake was responsible for spaying and neutering 2315 stray and roaming dogs, making a significant impact in this huge problem.

Operation Potcake is a charitable initiative involving foreign veterinarians coming to the Bahamas at their own expense and freely donating their efforts to help reduce the numbers of stray and wandering dogs. The first year proved to be an immensely positive success.

However, local veterinarians through the VMAB have decided to reject the much-needed help of the foreign vets. Instead the VMAB has proposed a more profitable self-serving scheme in which only Bahamian vets would participate and each would receive $50 per surgery. They admit that their plan would be far less successful and result in far fewer animals being spayed and neutered, yet they have “politely declined” the assistance of the ready-and-willing foreign vets, many of whom have already made travel plans and purchased their tickets.

The local vets feel threatened by the foreign assistance, stating in a letter that they feel the need “to send a clear message to our fellow Bahamians that we are an entity more than capable of of managing the difficult task of reducing our strays, and it should be none but our own that assume that responsibility.”

Clearly, this is not true or the stray dog issue would be better managed. The local vets, and the country, are in obvious need of the assistance of the foreign vets and it is a shame – and a sin – that pride, ego and greed have once again destroyed something that would have been so good for this country.

Last year even Prime Minister Christie expressed how successful the project was, and what an overwhelmingly positive response there had been within the community. Seeing the tremendous good the project did, Mr. Christie promised that Operation Potcake would become an annual event.

One of the local Operation Potcake volunteers was quoted in The Tribune: “Finally we found an effective way to tackle this huge stray dog problem only to have it ruined by a few people’s greed.”

Read the original article from The Tribune, and the original VMAB letter

SIGN THE PETITION to allow foreign vets entry to donate their services to help the animals.

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6 Comments on “Greedy Local Vets Destroy Operation Potcake – Petition

  • Where is democracy? There are about a dozen local vets, who maybe employee about 50 people.

    And the government allows thousands of Bahamians, millions of tourists and thousands of poor animals to suffer because of the selfish, greedy demands of this tiny little group?

    Mr Christie, who promised that this would be an annual event, needs to step in and make this right.

    After all the broken election promises and the gambling “referendum” scam, it becoming increasingly apparent that pretty much anything Mr Christie says is bullshit. The man has no integrity, no honour, no morals and isn’t fit to be Prime Minister.

  • If the local vets are so confident that they can manage this problem, they why haven’t they in all these decades?

    Why has the stray population only increased? I am so disappointed and disgusted that they have turned away a helping hand for no other reason than greed and their own egos.

    It’s shameful, we need all the help we can get. The animals need all the help they can get, it shouldn’t be about anything else.

  • Those in power don’t want you to prosper in any way! They want you to pay for everything! They want you to be so in debt and dependent on them, that you can barely breath! They want you to even see helpless, homeless animals suffer from hunger to degrade your mind in thinking “It’s your fault this is happening”! This is an abuse of the Bahamian mind! And Pharaoh Christie is their leader! And God said to Noah! “I will wipe them off the face of the Earth, for all their intentions are evil, and regret I’ve ever made man”! GOD ALL MIGHTY fought evil with force! Evil is an enemy to human kind, and when talking has no effect, you must wrestle it to the ground!

  • The whole point of this is that the dogs are STRAYS!!! Strays do not have owners… so who is paying the $50?? DUH, just pure greed and stupidity.


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