Miller Gives ‘Grave’ Warning To BEC Unions

Monday 11th, November 2013 / 09:56 Published by

BEC Chairman Leslie Miller warned union members there would be grave repercussions if workers acted on threats to disrupt operations at the corporation.

Both unions representing line staff and middle managers have filed trade disputes with the Department of Labour over benefit reductions.

Mr Miller’s warning follows threats by Bahamas Electrical Utility Managerial Union president Clinton Minnis, who said power generation could be cut if demands over sick pay are not met.

Mr Miller said: “They have to realise that there are consequences. I will not allow them to threaten the livelihood of our people, who are the owners of BEC. I speak for the people, and [Minnis] is totally out of line for those threats.

“BEC belongs to the people of the Bahamas, whatever the BEC unions will do I have no control over that, but there will be grave repercussions.”

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