VAT Sanctions ‘Very Distasteful’

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Super Value’s owner has slammed the proposed sanctions regime for delinquent Value-Added Tax (VAT) payers as “very distasteful”, fearing just one mistake by staff could result in his jailing or loss of passport.

Rupert Roberts told Tribune Business that the Government “should never have been allowed” to propose travel restrictions for the owners of companies behind on their VAT payments, describing this as “very wrong”.

Suggesting that companies, and their proprietors, were exposed to punishment even for ‘honest mistakes’, Mr Roberts said just the administrative/compliance costs associated with VAT alone would increase living costs by 5 per cent.

He added that Super Value would “really have to crank up some additional costs” to meet the proposed ’21 days after month’s end’ deadline for filing, and paying, VAT returns to the Government.

Implying that it would be impossible for the 10–store chain, and his three Quality Supermarkets outlets, to meet that timeframe since it often took 30 days to compile accurate monthly sales figures, Mr Roberts contrasted the demands on the private sector with the 60-days the Government is allowing itself to provide VAT refunds.

The Super Value owner warned that consumers “will revolt” over cost of living increases if the Government went through with its VAT plans, adding that he felt the planned July 1, 2014, implementation date cannot be met.

Reiterating that there were “many, many alternatives” to VAT, Mr Roberts said he remained optimistic that dialogue between the Government and the private sector would ultimately lead to a different revenue option being selected.

“The whole private sector is against VAT. The country doesn’t want VAT; nobody wants VAT,” Mr Roberts told Tribune Business. “I haven’t come across anybody yet that wants VAT, or would be satisfied with the implementation of VAT.

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2 Comments on “VAT Sanctions ‘Very Distasteful’

  • Thank you for controlling my anger with softer words, but we the people have had it with oppression! In a War, you don’t attack those on the same side, that’s why Bahamians must stop killing each other, and deal with the real enemy, and we Bahamians know who that is!

  • Bahamian Tribal Leader

    This is a call to all Bahamians, rise up against the oppressors, because with every passing day, they misuse our tax money to travel the World in class! I know and see Bahamian families struggling to feed their children, meanwhile our Government officials live it up, and pay for their friends to also live it up with our tax money! Bahamians!, don’t wait until they chain us up with their VAT that will enslave us forever on their behalf! They flaunt their wealth in front of us, while lying to us right to our faces! Bahamians, remember, use your knowledge to your best advantage! Next time your child says to you” I’m hungry”, remember those who oppress you and take action!


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