Caribbean Identifying Ways to Reduce Teen Pregnancy

Wednesday 11th, December 2013 / 21:06 Published by

A high-level consultation was taking place here on Monday hoping to develop targeted strategic interventions that would help reduce by 50 per cent within five years, the number of adolescents in the Caribbean who give birth before their 20th birthday.

Figures released by the United Nations United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA show that an estimated 20 per cent of adolescents in the Caribbean have had at least one child by the age of 19, with a considerable percentage of adolescent girls giving birth before the age of 15.

UNFPA executive director, Dr. Babatunde Osotimehin, told the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC) Monday that girls all over the world, particularly in the Caribbean, were having sex earlier and most have their first sexual encounter with people they knew.

Speaking to CMC ahead of the meeting, he said that many of these girls have their first sexual encounter in violent circumstances, and with men, including their fathers, stepfathers and neighbours.

“People they don’t expect it to be [with],” Osotimehin said, adding that the extent of the problem varies from country to country.

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  • The ways to prevent teenage pregnancy is to began pressing charges against these older men who are praying on younger girls My son’s Father is 11 years older than me, and when he approached me I had a Mother who simply didn’t care about me, and a Step-Father who tried to molest me. I went to the authority about my Step-Father who simply did nothing to protect me. After having my son his Father did nothing to help me to provide for my son, my only escape was to come to the US where I was able to provide for my son. This man went on to have other children of whom he did nothing to provide for them. The sad thing about it I was asked by my son to contact his Father before he went on his first tour to Iraq, and this man’s live-in lover cursed me and my son out. My son has gone on to serve a second tour in Iraq and this man was provided my son’s address and did nothing to reassure his son that he was praying for him. These men are getting young women pregnant and the Government is doing nothing to protect the young women or their children. Thanks to the Lord, I have raised my son to be a better man than his sperm donor would or could ever be. He’s 40 years old with no children and he’s served in the US Marines, US Army Reserves and currently US Army. And this pathetic man who is his Father still won’t step up to the plate. The only thing good that came from him was my son.


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