Moss: Nation Is In A State Of Emergency

Wednesday 11th, December 2013 / 18:56 Published by

Leaders in politics and law enforcement are to blame for the high rate of crime and corruption plaguing the country because they have “put a spin” on the severity of the situation, according to anti-crime activist Rev CB Moss.

Rev Moss, executive director of Bahamas Against Crime (BAC), said the violence will only get worse until every Bahamian acknowledges that the country is in a state of emergency.

He urged the government to see the times for what they are and act accordingly.

He said: “There has simply been too much talk, and they say the occurrence of crime is improving. Until the Bahamian people realise that we are in a crisis, we won’t get very far.

“BAC operates on the ground and we know what’s going on. We have been warning the nation for the past six years that this situation will get worse until we come to the realisation that this is a state of emergency, a crisis.”

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