Only A United Nation Can Defeat Crime

Wednesday 11th, December 2013 / 21:15 Published by

Excerpts from the Tribune editorial:

It is a tragedy that crime had to crash through the front door of the acting prime minister’s home as morning broke yesterday to make him and all of his political colleagues realise that crime is not a political problem, but a community problem. And that only a united community can solve that problem.

After being held up at gunpoint, and money, entrusted to his wife for their church, stolen, Mr Philip “Brave” Davis called for greater solidarity from the public in the fight against crime.

However, this was not so pre-election 2012 when crime was the big stick used by the PLP to win the government. They falsely promised that they had the secret to restore peace and tranquility to the communities. They won the election, but Bahamians soon discovered that they had no secret cure for crime — in fact, although they still try to convince us that there is a decrease in crime, this is not true.

Regardless of what the politicians would like us to believe, in all of the more than 50 years of being on the news beat, we have never seen anything as bad as this before. Crime has now become so serious, that if we don’t get a crime report around this hour at night, we think there is something wrong.

We have to face the fact that the PLP does not – and never did have – a solution for crime.  Nor did the FNM, but to their credit they made no false claims about it.

And so today we have a serious problem.

It is time for this nation to unite and defeat crime.

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1 Comments on “Only A United Nation Can Defeat Crime

  • Crime starts at the top… get rid of all the corrupt bastards in power so you show the people they’re no longer being ripped off by them, and you might have a chance! Just like Mexico, where the government is so corrupt they can’t control the drug gangs any more – over 50,000 murders to date in Mexico. I have realized the Bahamian people won’t unite, they kill their own fighters of oppression, and the country is going to fall soon! I wash my hands of it all! Good luck living in the new murder capitol of the World! I’m leaving for France in fives days, I predict China will own 85% of the Bahamas within the next 10 years! My country is lost, with no leader they can trust, good luck Bahamians! Get out before civil war breaks out!


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