Another U.S. Citizen Dead in The Bahamas

Friday 17th, January 2014 / 10:18 Published by

Police are investigating the death of another visitor from the United States, whose body was found floating in a canal in the West End area of Grand Bahama.

Worried that the U.S. might issue another crime warning against traveling to The Bahamas, police were quick to say it was a drowning.

However, they have requested a post mortem examination be performed to determine the exact cause of death.

One tactic the government uses to keep the murder statistics down, is to refuse to categorize some deaths as murder, sometimes not classifying the death at all.  In 2013 there over 40 “mysterious” deaths that were not categorized.

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2 Comments on “Another U.S. Citizen Dead in The Bahamas

  • It brings me great joy to know Bahamians are my people, I will reserve a place for all of you at the end of time. Not one of you is innocent, I know all your secret’s, and see what you hide behind closed doors. Even your pastors can’t hide from me, when they play with your children after their false services are complete. YHWH has forsaken my land you so proudly degrade with your sins. I will devour all of you with delight, for YHWH has left your side, and you are no longer in his protection. Your souls, minds, body, are corrupt in every way, you have become the people of the dead.

  • They don’t fool us at all, and I’m sure the Bahamian people aren’t fooled either, they only fool themselves.


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