Caribbean: Too Dangerous for Tourism?

Thursday 02nd, January 2014 / 10:57 Published by

The mother of a teenager from Brooklyn who was killed while on vacation here, is opening up about the incident.

The teenager, Franciena Johnson, 19, was visiting relatives when she was shot and killed only one day after landing in the island. Johnson’s 18 year old cousin, Nadia Fearon was also killed.

The police report that Johnson went to visit her grandmother in Jamaica one week ago, however a day later she was reported missing along with Fearon.

The child’s grandmother then called Franciena’s mom in Brooklyn and broke the news of the tragedy.

Police found the bodies of Franciena and Nadia floating in a salt marsh near May Pen in the central parish of Clarendon. The bodies had gunshot wounds.

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  • My Sisiter Told me

    The Bahamas will be the next Jamaica in less than 3 years, a dirty filthy trash can where you’ll have a 99% chance of getting murdered. Where is our great leader, the dancing fool, is he kissing Chinese ass for a living again, or is he putting on a show for them like the paid off uncle tom that he is!? I was informed by a U.S. official (my sister) that the U.S. is going to issues yet another travel warning against our country, but this time they will put restrictions on air travel and cruises to the Bahamas, what a great start for the new year. She informed me that the U.S. is tired of Christie’s corruption and money laundering that has been going on since he took office.


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