Crime: A Little Less Talk and a Little More Action, Please

Monday 06th, January 2014 / 09:06 Published by

A year and a half ago — a month after the PLP were elected to govern the Bahamas — we wrote the following in this column.

“We have always maintained that if one follows the trail, today’s crime is a natural progression from the drug-economy nurtured under Pindling’s PLP government in the seventies and eighties.

“We know that the new PLP government has to be given a chance to implement all the magic potions it claimed during the campaign that it had to put a lid on the escalating curse. But what has happened on the crime scene in the past three weeks, since the new government’s election on May 7th, must be questioned. It is just not natural. Yes, we have crime, which has been rising, but this sudden leap in a matter of a few weeks is unnatural – even frightening.

“Eighteen murders – including two policemen, one a reservist, and a third critically injured – in the past three weeks is just unprecedented – something has gone radically wrong within our community.

“It’s as though the lid of Pandora’s box has been snapped open and all the evil contained therein has escaped and spread throughout New Providence.

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