Crime Solving Must Be Free Of Politics

Tuesday 07th, January 2014 / 17:00 Published by

We agree with Cynthia “Mother” Pratt’s recent statement that crime should not be politicised because it “knows no agenda; it doesn’t care about being bipartisan; it has no respect for no one party”.

What a pity she didn’t make this statement in 2012 when it was her party that put up large billboards stating: “Under the FNM government 490 plus murders.”

Winning an election seemed more important to the Opposition PLP at that time than the consequences that such scare tactics could have on the nation’s number one industry — tourism.

The putting up of the placards in April 2012 — one month before a general election— seemed to be under the direction of Philip “Brave” Davis, our present deputy prime minister, who was then in opposition. When the Ministry of Environment under the Ingraham government ordered them down, it was Mr Davis who condemned their removal, calling it “strong arm tactics” and declaring that “we cannot hide the truth”.

FNM supporters who started to tear the billboards down were referred to by Mr Davis as “FNM goon squads”. Mr Davis accused then Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham of being a dictator, desperate for power and intent on concealing the truth.

“I do not know why they would take down the signs with the murder count on them. That’s a fact,” declared Mr Davis.

At this point, it was “Mother” Pratt’s voice that should have been heard, calling for the country to come together because crime was no respecter of persons.

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