Attorney General Lets Another Criminal Go Free

Thursday 16th, January 2014 / 10:21 Published by

A man walked out of Supreme Court free yesterday when his case – involving seven charges of armed robbery and one charge of kidnapping – was discontinued.

The eight charges against 30-year-old Baillou Hill Road resident Dudley Johnson were dropped when a prosecutor presented a nolle prosequi signed by the Attorney General asking that the matter be discontinued.

Seeing the document, Justice Indra Charles informed the accused that the case against him was being discontinued.

However, the judge told the accused that the Crown, if it chose to, could bring the matter back to court at any time.

Johnson, who denied the charges against him, was accused of robbing seven persons on November 6 and 8, 2009 and kidnapping one of the alleged robbery victims.

Undetermined amounts of cash, cell phones, jewellery, and a Mitsubishi Lancer were the goods Johnson was accused of stealing.

Johnson was represented by attorney Terrel Butler. Uel Johnson appeared for the Crown.

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2 Comments on “Attorney General Lets Another Criminal Go Free

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  • And receives a new Mercedes in the process. When are the people of the Bahamas going to stand up for their rights? It’s your fault this is happening, you have NO BALLS! You give your children NO FUTURE by letting these corrupt bastards do whatever they feel like doing. You deserve what you get for being such #$%@!$ cowards!


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