Noisy Bikers Get Free Pass From Cops

Thursday 23rd, January 2014 / 09:30 Published by

The Tribune’s article seems to be a propaganda piece for the very groups who ride up & down Cable Beach every Sunday night terrorizing residents with obnoxious noise from unmuffled motorcycles.

Some of the bikes have special equipment to make the engine sounds even more amplified and obnoxious.

The police say they are going to crack down on these cyclists, but they have said that many ties before… and never did anything.

And the two big biker clubs in Nassau, from which many of the noisy bikers come from, are pretending they are just law-abiding bikers who know nothing about the Sunday evening disruptions.

The Police Commissioner says he has a “no tolerance” position on crime.  We”ll see if he puts a stop to the Sunday chaos.

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