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While it is true that the average IQ in this country hovers around 89, about equal to dolphins and chimpanzees, even Bahamians aren’t stupid  enough to believe Perry Christie’s asinine statements regarding his “take back” of the Bahamas Telecommunications Company (BTC).

Christie’s head negotiator, Frank ‘snake” Wilson went into the negotiations with the Government of the Bahamas owning 49% of the telecommunications company.  And he left the negotiations with the Bahamian Government owning the exact same amount.

Where’s the “take back” in that?

Yet, the way Perry tells it, he scored a major victory for the Bahamian people.  What a crock!

We can only hope that he knows he is trying to deceive the people of The Bahamas, because if he seriously believes his own hype, then he is one of the dimmest bulbs in the islands.

No wonder Mr Christie had his head hanging in shame during the press conference Wednesday. He was trying to pretend that the Bahamian people have ownership of BTC, something only true stockholders have.  Yet, this is the man who nixed the idea of selling shares to the public, something former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham had every intention of doing… before the people voted him out of office and pledged allegiance to a bunch of baboons instead.

After all the fuss and months of “negotiations” absolutely nothing has changed, except that Perry Christie’s credibility has gone from low to zilch.  This is just one more broken campaign promise, one more lie from the king of deception.

On Wednesday, Mr Christie sheepishly announced that his government had regained “majority economic interest” in BTC.

But the government doesn’t have control of the Board of Directors, doesn’t have the majority of shares and doesn’t have control of the management.

Just like Mr Christie’s lies about being ready to govern on “day one “, and his assurances that he had the solutions to stem the rising crime rates, this is just another shameful and cynical betrayal of the PLP’s campaign promises and an insult to the intelligence of every right-thinking Bahamian.

And Bradley Roberts, the blowhard Chairman of the corrupt PLP empire, had the gall to say that the decision to place 2% of the shares of BTC in trust for the people allows Bahamians to “see, touch, feel and experience the tangible benefits” of the income derived from the 2%.

What an ass!  He should should wash his mouth out with soap.

What would have allowed Bahamians to “see, touch and feel” the tangible benefits of income from BTC, would have been for Mr Christie to sell shares of the company to the Bahamian public, like the FNM planned to do.

DNA leader Bran McCartney said it best, “If people believe they got majority shares, that just gives credibility to the fact that our national [grade] average is a ‘D'”.

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