Wilchcombe Still Lobbying for Web Shop Gangsters

Friday 03rd, January 2014 / 09:39 Published by

Obie Wilchcombe said he has begun a series of meetings with religious leaders and those with interests in gaming in an effort to reintroduce the discussion of web shop gaming in 2014.

Mr Wilchcombe, Minister responsible for gaming, said web shop gaming is “not off the table” and is still up for discussion – despite Bahamians overwhelmingly voting against the regularisation and taxation of web shops.

In fact, he said he has already met with several church leaders who have agreed to help him in his dialogue with other influential religious leaders.

“Nothing is off of the table; the referendum is off the table but the Minster can sign it in to law. We had a referendum that has obviously now taken precedence but it’s now all about communication. The church has to understand what you are doing; we must appreciate no matter what we say in this country we are rooted in Christian values whether we like it or not we are and we can not disrespect what happened in that referendum. The Bahamian people voiced their opinion so now we have to create the dialogue and find the regulations that are acceptable to all,” he said.

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