Woman Gets 14 Years For Killing Her Abusive Husband

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Mikiko Black will spend the next 14 years in Her Majesty’s Prison, Fox Hill after being sentenced yesterday for killing her Defence Force husband.

The 25-year-old woman walked away in handcuffs from the Supreme Court in tears even though she initially did not react to Justice Vera Watkins’ brief ruling that she would not get probation but rather a custodial sentence for the manslaughter of Leonardo Black.

Her friends and relatives followed behind her also in tears and shock as she was escorted to a holding cell to be later transported back to prison where she had been on remand since last July following her conviction.

After the sentencing Maeronie Black, Leonardo Black’s mother, told The Tribune: “God is in control of everything. And the bible say you cannot kill nobody and expect to get free. And in that court, there were some lies and God had bring everything what come out, is only the first part of it. She have the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness.

“They made me feel like my child was less than a dog. I wouldn’t say what the situation is, what I know. But God said it is not my story to tell, he would tell it and when it comes out, everybody will be amazed what really happened.”

Prosecutor Anthony Delaney said: “The court exercised its discretion as it thought it should. The jury has spoken and now the court has delivered its sentence.”

The 25-year-old widow had denied the murder charge she faced and maintained that her actions on the night of April 19, 2010 were in self-defence.

On that night at the couple’s apartment on the corner of Boil Fish Drive and Adderley Terrace, off Faith Avenue, police found the body of the 27-year-old marine with gunshot wounds to the left side of the face.

The accused was arraigned four days later and her trial began on July 1.

Black testified that before April 19, 2010, she and her husband had been evicted from three apartments because of domestic disputes and fights between them.

Black said that on the day, she and her husband got into an argument that turned physical. While in the living room, both Blacks reached for a weapon and she claimed she only recalled a shot going off and then her husband falling to the floor, the court heard.

On July 23, a jury found Black not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter.

Justice Watkins said there had been a number of mitigating factors to take into account before sentencing including that “the jury determined that Black had been provoked by the deceased.”

The judge said in her written ruling: “One of the difficulties in deciding the appropriate sentence is that Black has expressed no remorse. “While giving her evidence during the trial, she expressed no remorse or sympathy. During his plea in mitigation, counsel did not indicate any expressions of sympathy or empathy for the family of the deceased.

“The conviction of manslaughter by reason of provocation indicates that Black had lost her self-control at the time. She has not accepted any responsibility for the part she played in the incident,” the judge said.

She added: “I trust that Black will receive counselling while she is incarcerated at Her Majesty’s Prison. For the reasons stated above, I sentence Black to 14 years imprisonment.”

The start date was given as July 23, 2013, with 17 months deducted because of time on remand.

Source: The Tribune

Editor’ Note:  Just to show you how perverted Bahamian courts are, and how incompetent and biased the judges are… read this article about a man who raped and murdered a 19-year-old girl and his defence was… that he was drunk when he did it… so that made it okay.

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